Print on Demand (POD), is an option for printing copies only when there is a demand, instead of maintaining bulky inventory. Print on Demand is a game-changing technology which can be put in contrast with the presently used printing technologies.
Offset printing is the most common printing technology used these days for printing books and almost everything else. The most relevant thing we need to note is that there is a very high upfront cost involved in offset printing – in “plate making" which are needed to be prepared for every page that is to be printed. This plate-making process is very costly. Once the plates are ready, multiple copies of the pages can be printed. What this means is that if you have a requirement to print a large number of copies (generally 1000+), the cost of plate-making,which is one time, is distributed over all of them and the per copy cost becomes very low.
Print on Demand can change the complete scenario. With POD technology you can print directly from the files created and stored on computers. You can print one copy or a thousand copies or even more— it doesn’t change the cost of the book very much except for the initial one time plate making cost and cost of paper with few more overheads. Plates needed for offset printing can’t be stored indefinitely, but you can store the computer files for as long as you may need.
Print on Demand can also introducesome exciting new possibilities. Because copies can be printed one at a time, each copy can be different and personalized. So, you can print books having personalized messages for the individual recipients or you can mix and match content from various sources and print them in a book.

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