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Security printed Degree Certificates

Your degree certificate contains a lot of security features added during certificate printing to stop it from being easily forged or duplicated.
One can easily 'buy a degree' on the internet, with plenty of unscrupulous vendors willing to provide you with a fake degree certificate to print for a few grands, but the resulting certificate printing, especially if printed by a home printer, will not resemble the certificates held by those who have attended university and worked hard for their degree.
At JPPL, we help many of the top universities / educational institutions in the country with their degree certificate printing. All our degree certificates or the legal documents are embedded with a whole host of clever security tactics to ensure that they can't be replicated by illegal scammers.
Some of the ways by which we protect and authenticate our certificate printing, include:
Highly sophisticated holograms with customised designs that can't be photocopied or replicated.
Use of controlled watermarked papers –in which the watermarks are embedded in the paper when it's made. It makes it nearly impossible to replicate without access to the same paper
Our features include Bar code, embossed hologram, rainbow color printing, water mark, micro-line, hidden image, Lenticular Patch, Picture in text and many more features available.

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