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Technology We Use

Jaipur Printers has been Front Runners in bringing New Technology to the Customers. From Letter Press to Offset Printing in 1984. First LED UV introduced in 2016. Which could print variety range of substrates such as MetPet, Synthetic paper, Plastics, on foil etc.

MFX Effect

Our MFX Technologies can create unlimited metallic colours with the combination of CMYK Process Inks with Special MFX Gold and MFX Silver Inks. Conventional Metallic inks cannot create such type of unique effects. This MFX technology can also be used for inline printing – opening up possibilities of a wide range of metallic colours.

Drip Off Effect

Drip-Off Effect is the technology in which the combination of Matte and Full Gloss UV create the patterns onto the substrate – the main benefits being that the selected areas can be highlighted and varnished, and rest of the areas can be in textured patterns. This is also an eco-friendly option as it does not involve laminating films.

JPPL Security Solutions

Jaipur Printers is fully equipped with technology for the security printing solutions with the complete range starting from Anti-Copy, Micro Text, Lenticular Patches, Text in Image, Clear Ink, Foiling, Blind Embossing to Hidden-Images to encode electronic verification systems. These solutions deter counterfeiting and maintain your end-users confidence on the authenticity of your product.