Sizes of Brochures

Standard brochure sizes range from 5.5" x 8.5" upto 8.5" x 14" to be used by any kind of businesses looking to spread information about their products or services. Some examples of industries where these sizes can be used:

  • Services– Photography studios featuring sample works, special packages and contact numbers.
  • Medical – informative guides giving details of health care facilities, medical aids, health conditions or concerns and general first aid topics.
  • Real Estate– description of properties be it commercial and residential, carrying property information such as the address, property specifications and contact numbers.
  • Trade Fair– Any of the participating businesses can showcase their products / services and strongly position their brand among their competitors.
  • Non-Profit Orgs– NGOs can use brochures to detail advocacy, history and their mission to obtain support from potential benefactors and general public.

There are larger brochure sizes starting from 11” x 17 and 11” x 25.375 which are more perfect if you want to have a detailed content on them because some businesses may need image-heavy content to be demonstrated.

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