Whether it’s an offset, digital or letterpress, everything needs to be processed to the final product

Our post printing services include cutting, folding, collating, inserting, sewing, flat, spot & aqueous UV, thermal gloss and matt lamination, hot foil stamping, embossing, creasing, die cutting, gilding, silk screen etc. to meet any customer requirement.


LaminationMacrobond lamination of Gloss/Matte BOPP films as well as Metallised PET films


Laser Cutting1 Machine for high-speed and intricate laser cutting of materials upto 4mm thick
Spot UV coating2 Graphica screen printing machines for spot application of gloss, matte, raised and textured UV finishes
Hot Foiling1 foiling machine in various sizes
EmbossingOne embossing machines
Edge GildingGilding of edges of books, thick cards, etc., with metallic foils


Folding machines1 folding machines from Wellbound folding capabilities
Saddle-stitching (Centre-pinning)1 Muller (Martini) pinning and three-knife trimming machines with up to 7 form gathering stations
Section-sewing2 automatic section-sewing (Smythe-sewing) machines One Italy and One Indian.
Perfect Binder2 auto-perfect binding machines from Kolbus (17-clamp) and Wellbound (1-clamp)
3-Knife Trimmer1 programmable trimming machines for three-side cutting of book blocks from Kolbus
Case-making & Casing-inHardcase book making machinery from Memory. Also used for making cases for rigid fliptop boxes
Wire-O sealing4 Manual wire-o mounting and sealing machine from Renz (Germany)
Wire-O & Spiral hole punching1 Semi Automatic machines

Other Equipment

Cutting Machines Programmable3 fully programmable cutting machines from Itoh (Japan), and Sudarshan (India)
Collators2 Auto-collators for collating sheets in sequence & 2 signature collator for sequencing folded forms